This Work of Ours

There is always a bit of a tiff whenever you talk to one of /ourguys about what we should call “our thing”. Many people have actually settled on “our thing” as the descriptor, but that does not convey the importance and gravitas of what we are doing. “Struggle” is another popular one, obviously, but frankly I am skeptical of calling it “struggle” for a few reasons:

  1. It has a distinct Leftist flavor, and even though a lot of us like to call ourselves 3rd Positionists, face it: we are Fascists, and Fascism is a Right-Wing Phenomenon. The primary concern is taking power and establishing the much-needed refuge for White people and stamping out degeneracy.
  2. “Struggle” also sounds weak. A baby deer struggles to stand. A crippled man struggles to walk. Men do not live in a perpetual state of struggle. Men conquer. Men build. White Men in particular are victors. The efforts may be difficult, and there may be times we do struggle, but living in a permanent state of struggle is for the weak.

The term we should use is Work. Work, as in the verb, is defined as “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.” This is exactly what we are doing. As White people, work is extremely important to us. Contributing and building something long-lasting is our goal and our purpose. Moreover, we are building social infrastructure to support our brethren and our progeny, such that you could say we are building social Works. The works of a clock require precision, harmony, and unity in order to function. To work is to labor, to toil, to expend effort, to contribute, and/or to perform moral or religious acts (salvation by works).

Most importantly, to borrow a phrase from the squishy liberals, in order to succeed, you have to do the work. Everyone must contribute, do their part, get involved, and make it work. We must strengthen and fortify our community with works.

The next time you think about what to call “our thing”, just tell people you are part of a great and sacred Work.

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