There are a lot of good people who won’t get funerals, and you might be one of them

When things get chaotic and times change, people are denied the normal rites of passage en masse. Events like birth, marriage, and death should come with a degree of fanfare and seriousness, but we are not guaranteed those things. These rituals that we “enlightened,” “educated” folk regard as silly and meaningless are hallmarks of civilization. Those of us who have lived a life where our main food source is not GrubHub know that without them, we are no better than gorillas and chimpanzees.

There are themes of civilization’s fall that we see all the way back to Rome. Unwed women who go for fifty dollars per night give birth to children whose fathers they do not know. Those children go unnamed, abandoned in dumpsters and forgotten, lucky to be found by minimum wage earning government workers before being place in trash compactors. Dignified men and women who were raised properly and behaved as they were raised die without fanfare and go without funerals, their friends and family members skipping their funerals because they would rather play video games or masturbate to hentai. Worse yet, many of us who serve our people and who spend our lives doing the right thing won’t even get funerals in the first place.

Many of you will be denied a good life and worse, denied a dignified death, in spite of your good character. You will be denied it based on spurious pretexts; you failed to produce children, you were physically unappealing, you had some irritating taste in music, you lacked military experience, and so on. It does not matter that you risked your livelihood to state the truth. It does not matter that you risked having your fingernails pulled out because you were associated with known undesirables (e.g., other Whites) and did not sufficiently self-prostrate when caught. It does not matter that you went to prison for doing the right thing in the wrong circumstances.

There is a high likelihood that your name and history will be redacted from all records and your good deeds will be forgotten with the bad in less than a generation.

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