The Roundtable – July 18th, 2020 – “Transgender Jewnicorn”

The Roundtable – July 18th, 2020 – “Transgender Jewnicorn”

WOTR is pleased to present The Roundtable. Topics/Discussions on this episode:

  • The Nature of Antifa
  • The Israel/Lebanon Conflict
  • These Flags Actually ARE the Same!
  • How Did You Get Into This Milieu?
  • NEETzsche Explains the Origins of Kekistan
  • The Capture of Online Spaces
  • Transgender Jewnicorn
  • Rand’s Rambling on Redpillation
  • White Devices for Separation
  • The Chad 4 Billion Years of Evolution vs “I fucking love science!”

Full Download is available here. WOTR has an audio channel on NHTB, which can be found here.

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