The Roundtable – July 17th, 2020 – “Golden Don Juan”

The Roundtable – July 17th, 2020 – “Golden Don Juan”

Please enjoy the following content from WOTR: (Full Download)

  • Rand’s Rants: Never Be Friendzoned and Soulless Libertarians
  • Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Pt. MMDCCCVIII
  • We MormonGang Now
  • Capitalism: What is It and Are We Actually Anticapitalist?
  • Leadership is Important, but so is Agency
  • Blackpilling is Gay and You Should Stop It
  • Infighting is Gay and Rand White Should Stop It, by Nike
  • You Can Influence Politics, Even By Yourself (Article to Come)
  • “Heil Jesus”
  • You Can Be a Community Leader, if you stop playing vidya and actually talk to people
  • A Wild Navi Appears!
  • Donald Trump Leads a Nazi Bible Youth Group
  • “Israel? More like Was-real.”
  • “Golden Dawn? That’s what they call me in Greece: Golden Don.”
  • The White Values Poster
  • Museum Curators Are Not Our Guys
  • “The Emperor Has No Art”
  • The Israeli Communist Party and the Kvetch Heard ‘Round the World

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