Return to tradition, White man: act like niggers

Me and one of my co-conspirators on The Roundtable were discussing how blacks have a very straightforward algorithm for how they deal with members of other races. It came about from observing that they conflate Whites with jews.

It goes something like this: “Are they black?” If the answer is “no,” then “fuck them.” Obviously, even blacks have a little more going on in the algorithm that dictates their disposition toward someone. For this more complete disposition algorithm, I have provided a simple flow chart:

As it turns out, this algorithm has proven successful enough to reduce civilizations to ruins because it’s totally uninhibited, amoral, and immediate-term. While White and Asian disposition algorithms include attempts at some combination of reconciliation efforts, moral restraint, and long-term planning, blacks just look at what’s in front of them and make a shot without consideration for anything, including ten minutes from the moment.

That face when your soyim education about race being a social construct gets proven wrong the first time you go out in public in a black neighborhood

In fact, it’s probably in the best interest of blacks to live in chaotic, uncivilized areas because it requires less mental work to figure out what to do next at any given moment, and the people who do more work than the above flow chart are likely wasting CPU cycles on stupid bullshit. You can practically see the little hourglass appear over a White or Asian man’s head when nigs start nogging in front of them. Maybe it’s why they’re so slow to respond to their utter barbarity. In any case, it’s clear that those CPU cycles are only well-used when you live in a civilization, which we basically do not anymore.

Considering that this sort of savage and uninhibited chaos is how it was everywhere prior to the advent of civilization, this is the most traditional one could ever hope to get. It’s a tradition we’re all going to return to soon, whether we like it or not. Be on notice, White boi: you’re in Nu Africa now.

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